Frequently asked questions


What are the Township office hours?

The Township office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm. It is best to call ahead for the Zoning Administrator to make sure she is in the office before you make the trip in.

Where is the Township building located?

10140 Ridge Road, Girard, PA 16417. Next to The Barracks Tavern. Diagonal from Reese Plaza and across from the intersection of Rt 18 and Rt 20.

What are the holidays that the Municipal Building is closed?

New Years Day President's Day Good Friday Primary Election Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day General Election Day Veteran's Day Thanksgiving Day Thursday Day After Thanksgiving Friday Close @ noon on Christmas Eve Christmas Day Day After Christmas

When do the Supervisors have their meetings?

The Supervisors hold their general meetings the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm and the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm unless otherwise stated on the monthly calendar.

How can I be put on the agenda to speak at a general meeting?

You can call the Secretary up until the day of the meeting and ask to be put on the agenda. You will need to give your name and the general nature of what you would like to speak about. You are not required to be on the agenda to speak, there is a section of the meeting where the Supervisors will address anyone from the floor that may have something they would like to talk about.

How can I see what happened at a meeting or get a copy of the minutes?

The meeting minutes are available to view at the Township Building upon their completion by the Secretary. They are not approved however, until the following meeting. If copies are requested prior to approval, they will have the word "DRAFT" printed on them. All copies will be .25 cents per page.

How do I get a recycling bin?

Recycling bins are available at the Municipal building, 10140 Ridge Road, Girard, PA. The small bins are free, the large 65 gallon toters are $20.

What is Waste Management's number to set up an account?


What do I need to do if I am installing a new driveway?

If you are installing a concrete driveway, it must be level with or below the road surface. You MUST talk to the Roadmaster prior to installing any driveway that opens onto a Township road. 814-774-4738 ext. 104.

Who do I call when the drain pipe at the end of my driveway needs repaired?

If you live on a Township road, you are required to buy the pipe (diameter will be recommended by the roadmaster) and the Township will install it for you free of charge providing there is a structure on the property. If you live on a State road, you must contact PennDOT, 814-871-4411.

What is the road right of way?

This is the entire legal width of a dedicated road. Most roads in Girard Township have a right of way of 50'. Part of the 50' can be paved and part can be dirt, this depends on the road. Most times a portion of the road right of way is in what you consider your front yard. One easy way to measure an approximate distance is to measure back 25' from the center of the road. When in doubt, have the Roadmaster come mark the right of way for you. This only applies to Township roads, not PennDOT roads.

Which roads are maintained by the State (PennDOT) within the Township?

If you live on Lexington, Middle, State Road south of Franklin Center, Franklin Center, Route 5 (West Lake), Route 20 (Ridge Road), Route 18 (Meadville Road), or Tannery, your road is maintained by PennDOT.

How do I contact PennDOT?


I have a zoning, building permit, pool, fence, permissible use question. Who do I need to talk to?

You need to speak to the Zoning Administrator, Tiffany Kramer. You can call 814-774-4738 x 101 or email : tiffany@girardtownship.com.

I want to register to vote, vote by absentee ballot, check to see if I am registered to vote or change my party affiliation. Where do I go?

Some of the forms are available at the Township building, however any information regarding your registration status or affiliation must be obtained through the Voter Regristration office at the Erie County Court House at 140 W. 6th St. 814-451-6275 or check their website at eriecountygov.org.

Where can I obtain the various tax forms?

All tax forms are on the internet. Visit www.irs.gov, www.revenue.pa.gov and www.hab-inc.com/forms for your federal, state and local tax forms. You may also pick up local tax forms from Berkheimer's Office @ Millcreek Township Building.

What are the tax millages for Girard Township, Erie County and Girard School District?

County - 5.71 mills Township - 1.20 mills School - 18.04 mills

What is Time Warner's (Spectrum) customer service phone number?


Where can I get information on lead based paint?

Click here to read about lead based paint.

Where can I buy a dog license?


Does the Township recycle printer cartridges?

Rice Ave Community Library collects ink cartridges of all sizes and recycles them. They receive cash for each cartridge recycled. Please consider dropping off your empty cartridges to the Library instead of throwing them away - it's a great donation!