Planting Memorials at LECP

If you are looking for a way to pay tribute to a loved one, whether it be of human form or a beloved pet, Girard Township is providing you a place to plant a tree, shrub or bush in their honor. Lake Erie Community Park is a wonderful place to visit and to honor a loved one. There are various areas at the Park to accommodate shade, full sun or partial sun loving trees/shrubs.

You will find a list of allowable trees, shrubs and bushes at this site. There is also a document showing the personalized plaques you can purchase through the Township to put at the site.

You purchase the trees, shrubs from your favorite nursery or landscape company and order your personalized plaque (if you desire) through the Township. We allow you to purchase your own trees because everyone’s budget is different and we did not want to exclude anyone by requiring a certain size of planting and/or price.

Regardless of how you purchase your planting, the Township reserves the right to indicate where in Lake Erie Community Park it can be planted. You will need to arrange to have your tree/shrub planted by yourselves or by someone else. The township WILL NOT plant the tree, however you need to coordinate with the township for site location.

If you need more information, contact Girard Township @ 814-774-4738.