Before The Fire

The Gudgeonville Bridge was a favorite photo subject for amatuer and professional photographers alike.  Here are just a few pictures depicting the beauty of this historic structure and the surrounding area.


After The Fire

The devastation was great after this fire. This time there was no saving the bridge. People came from all over to take photos of what was left of this historic structure. Some stood in silence, some cried, some told their children the stories of the bridge and others just shook their head in disbelief.  One thing was sure, Gudgeonville would never be the same again.


There was no saving the bridge.  These photos show the demolition of what was left of the structure.  Huge cranes had to be brought in to take apart what was left of the structure piece by piece.  Care was required to keep the disintegrated pieces from falling into Elk Creek below.  The Township salvaged what pieces they thought might be able to be used at another time for a foot bridge or replica built somewhere else within the Township. To this day they are still tucked away waiting for just the right project.

New Bridge


After much consideration and conversations with the surrounding residents, it was decided the new bridge would not be a wooden covered bridge. The residents did not want the constant flow of visitors to the area anymore.  The construction costs of a new wooden covered bridge with safety precautions such as sprinklers and security cameras were cost prohibitive as well.


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